Drag Reduction of a Squareback Ahmed Body Using Rear Flexible Devices

  • Muñoz Hervás, Jose Carlos (Universidad de Jaén)
  • Camacho Sánchez, José Manuel (Universidad de Jaén)
  • Lorite Díez, Manuel (Universidad de Granada)
  • Jiménez González, José Ignacio (Universidad de Jaén)
  • Martínez Bazán, Carlos (Universidad de Granada)
  • Cadot, Olivier (University of Liverpool)

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We perform an experimental study on the turbulent wake of a squareback Ahmed body, to analyze the use of rear deformable solutions as control strategy to reduce the drag. Two rear deformable devices are compared, namely flexible foils and flexibly-hinged rigid plates. The results shows that both solutions decrease the drag over the range of Cauchy number investigated Ca=10^2, by means of passive reconfiguration processes.