Implementing Multi-Factor Design for Vacuum Ejector Improvement through Comprehensive Analysis of Construction Parameters

  • Macià, Llorenç (UPC)
  • Castilla, Robert (UPC)
  • Gamez-Montero, Pedro Javier (UPC)
  • Raush, Gustavo (UPC)

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A vacuum supersonic ejector is characterized by the maximum entrained flow and the minimum secondary pressure. Numerical simulations were carried out by means of the CFD toolbox OpenFOAM. A single-factor analysis of the eight inner geometry parameters was performed and it was found a total enhancement of 10%. A multi-factor analysis, based on a fractional factorial design, is carried out with the four relevant parameters. Results indicate that the multi-factor analysis enhances the performance of the ejector by 10.4%. The improved performance of this device leads to a reduction in operating time and, as a consequence, results in significant energy savings.