Drag reduction in simplified geometries of blunt vehicles by means of different base blowing strategies

  • Camacho-Sánchez, José Manuel (Universidad de Jaén)
  • García-Baena, Carlos (Universidad de Jaén)
  • Lorite-Díez, Manuel (Universidad de Granada)
  • Gutiérrez-Montes, Cándido (Universidad de Jaén)
  • Jiménez-González, José Ignacio (Universidad de Jaén)
  • Martínez-Bazán, Carlos (Universidad de Granada)

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We perform an experimental and numerical study on the turbulent flow around a square-back Ahmed body, to analyze the effect of steady base blowing on both the near wake dynamics and the model drag coefficient. Several arrangements of symmetric blowing configurations have been compared by varying the injected flow rate. The obtained experimental results suggest an interesting potential in drag reduction induced by the steady blowing, which is able to increase the base pressure by approximately 12.6 % in comparison to baseline case during blowing mass regime.