Experimental Measurements of Particle Dispersion and Concentrations in the Turbulent Wake of Ahmed Body and Effects of Rear Slant angle

  • Kumar, Manish (Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi)
  • Veeravalli, Srinivas V (Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi)
  • Cholemari, Murali R (Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi)

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This study investigated particulate dispersion in the turbulent wake of a simplified vehicle model (Ahmed body). It focused on the effects of the Ahmed body rear slant angles (ϕ = 25o, 40o) on flow structures, particle dispersion, and particle concentration fields in the turbulent wake. In wind tunnel experiments, particle dispersion and concentration fields were measured in the near wake. As a result, the near wake turbulent structures and concentration fields are found to be highly dependent on the rear slant angle (ϕ). The rear slant angle determines trailing vortices strength, recirculation region size, and dispersion characteristics in Ahmed body near wake. For the ϕ = 25o model, the attached flow is observed over the rear slant. A pair of trailing vortices were observed, producing a downwash. The ϕ = 40o model has a massive separation on the rear slant but no trailing vortices. Backflow over the rear slant was found responsible for increased vertical dispersion (y/h > 1).