On the Limitations of the Level Set Method in the Simulation of Interfacial Flows Involving Contact Lines

  • Gómez, Pablo (UNED)
  • Esteban, Adolfo (UNED/UPCT)
  • Berlanga, Félix (UNED)
  • Zanzi, Claudio (UNED)
  • López, Joaquín (UPCT)
  • Hernández, Julio (UNED)

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The level set method presents a particular difficulty related to the reinitialization procedure when used in the simulation of 3D interfacial flows in which the interface intersects a solid wall. Due to the appearance of a blind zone that the characteristic lines of the Hamilton-Jacobi equation cannot reach, the reinitialization procedure requires a specific boundary condition for the level set function to avoid inconsistent results. Although several approaches have been recently proposed in the literature, further improvement is necessary. In this work, a revision of the most recent advances in the literature is made, and some preliminary results obtained with a new proposed model are presented.