Single-step chemistry validation in turbulent flame cases

  • Millan Merino, Alejandro (M2P2)
  • Taileb, Said (M2P2)
  • Tayyab, Muhammad (M2P2)
  • Zhao, Song (M2P2)
  • Boivin, Pierre (M2P2)

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Recent progress in reduced kinetic modeling has allowed the accurate reproduction of premixed hydrocarbon combustion with an efficient single-step mechanism. The presented methodology has proven to be accurate in a wide range of equivalence ratios for adiabatic temperatures, ignition delay times, and laminar premixed flame propagation velocities. Here, we will extend the application of this methodology in the frame of turbulent combustion. Large-eddy simulations of 3D turbulent flames will be presented using the reduced 1-step mechanism in a hybrid Lattice Boltzmann solver. Two configurations, a premixed CH4/air swirl burner and a partially premixed CH4 lifted flame, will be presented.