Analysis of evaporating droplet dynamics using computational singular perturbation

  • Angelilli, Lorenzo (KAUST)
  • Ciottoli, Pietro Paolo (University of Rome Sapienza)
  • Hernandez Perez, Francisco E (KAUST)
  • Valorani, Mauro (University of Rome Sapienza)
  • Im, Hong G (KAUST)

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Similarly to the existing computational singular perturbation (CSP) framework for reacting flows, the modal analysis of the an evaporating droplet provides an indication of the active modes, the relative time scales with the definition of a tangential stretching rate (TSR), and participation indices of a single process to the state variables evolution. In this work, the CSP-spray approach is introduced and applied to a set of hexane droplets to analyze the characteristics of the modes and the role of the participation indices.