A High-Order Lagrange--Galerkin Method for Compressible Flows

  • Colera, Manuel (Universidad Polit√©cnica de Madrid)

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We present a novel Lagrangian--Eulerian scheme for the resolution of two-dimensional compressible and inviscid flows. The scheme considers arbitrary-order continuous space discretizations on unstructured triangular meshes, as well as arbitrary-order implicit--explicit Runge--Kutta time marching schemes. The method preserves mass, momentum and total energy as long as the integrals in the formulation are computed exactly. The recent model proposed by Brenner (2006) for viscous flows is employed to define the operators needed to stabilize the continuous Galerkin formulation. The method has been tested on several benchmark problems using a fourth-order time-marching formula and up to fifth-order elements, showing good accuracy both for smooth and discontinuous solutions.