Inclusion of a biochemical model for leveraging data-driven real-time CFD simulations in reactors

  • Barreda, Paloma (Universitat Jaume I)
  • Iserte Agut, Sergio (Barcelona Supercomputing Center,)
  • Martínez-Cuenca, Raúl (Universitat Jaume I)
  • Chiva Vicent, Sergio (Universitat Jaume I)

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In this work, an ASM1 Activated Sludge Model for a bioreactor has been implemented based on the hydrodynamic results previously obtained using a Deep Neural Network (DNN). Through this, it is aimed to continue with the methodology presented at the 1st Spanish Fluid Mechanics Conference based on the use of artificial intelligence to allow the leveraging of data-driven real-time CFD simulations for the control of a bioreactor in a Wastewater Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF).