Coherent Structures in Twin Supersonic Jets Obtained From High-Speed Schlieren Measurements

  • Padilla-Montero, Iván (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)
  • Rodríguez, Daniel (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)
  • Jaunet, Vincent (Institut Pprime (CNRS-Univ. Poitiers-ENSMA))
  • Girard, Stève (Institut Pprime (CNRS-Univ. Poitiers-ENSMA))
  • Eysseric, Damien (Institut Pprime (CNRS-Univ. Poitiers-ENSMA))
  • Jordan, Peter (Institut Pprime (CNRS-Univ. Poitiers-ENSMA))

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Spectral proper orthogonal decomposition (SPOD) is applied to high-speed Schlieren measurements to identify coherent structures in twin supersonic jets and study the dominant modes of oscillation and jet coupling. The leading SPOD mode for overexpanded operating conditions is shown and its structure is briefly described, illustrating the feasibility of the methodology in extracting the desired coherent information and, especially, the associated acoustic radiation.