Production of long micrometer jets of weakly viscoelastic liquids.

  • Cabezas, Maria Guadalupe (Universidad de Extremadura)
  • Rubio, Alejandro (Universidad de Extremadura)
  • Vega, Emilio José (Universidad de Extremadura)
  • Galindo-Rosales, Francisco (Faculdade de Engenharia. Univ. do Porto)
  • Gañán-Calvo, Alfonso Miguel (Universidad de Sevilla)
  • Montanero, José María (Universidad de Extremadura)

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We experimentally study the effect of weak viscoelasticity on the performance of transonic flow focusing. We found that for solutions of low molecular weight polymers, there is a concentration range for which transonic flow focusing triggers the coil-stretch transition of the polymeric molecules. The resulting elastic stresses stabilize the meniscus allowing to reduce flow rate and to produce jets much thinner and longer than the Newtonian counterparts.