Study of the dispersion of pollutant over fence a using DALES and High Order Dynamic Mode Descomposition (HODMD) analysis

  • Sanchez Martinez, Juan (UPM)
  • Costa, Pedro (TU Delf)
  • Tomas, Jasper (RIVM)
  • Le Clainche, Soledad (Departamento de Matematica Aplicada, UPM)
  • Pourquie, Mathieu (TU Delf)

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The concentration of pollutants in urban environments has become a growing concern due to their potential health risks to the population. Understanding the impact of weather conditions and obstacles on pollutant dispersion is crucial to developing effective mitigation strategies. This study aims to build on previous research by Tomas, who investigated pollutant dispersion over a fence. We will replicate Tomas' work using both the modified DALES 2014 code and the current open-source DALES. Next, we will perform data analysis on the results using higher order dynamic mode decomposition (HODMD), a proven technique that allows for the identification of patterns and locations of instability in the system. By replicating and analyzing Tomas' results, this study will provide valuable insights into the physics of pollutant dispersion and inform the development of more effective mitigation strategies.