Frequency response of Batchelor vortex

  • del Pino, Carlos (University of Málaga)
  • Blanco-Rodríguez, Francisco José (University of Seville)
  • Garrido-Martín, Manuel (University of Málaga)
  • Parras, Luis (University of Málaga)

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We carried out a frequency response analysis of Batchelor vortex model in two different spatial configurations: punctual and annular jet. The theoretical base flow corresponds to the experimental setting of a wing model with airfoil NACA0012 for a chord-based Reynolds number $Re_c$=40000 and angle of attack of $\alpha$=9$^{\circ}$. We found that Batchelor model presents a gain in the annular jet configuration higher than the punctual jet for a pair of parameters $k$ and $\omega_f$. The results of this research work will be used to propose future candidates of active control.