Influence of "fresh" fluid encounter on the settling of particles in the dilute regime

  • Moriche, Manuel (Vienna University of Technology)
  • García-Villalba, Manuel (Veinna University of Technology)
  • Uhlmann, Markus (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)

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In this work we study the settling of spherical particles under the action of gravity by means of direct numerical simulations. If only one particle is considered, the problem can be solved on a body-conforming grid attached to the particle (Jenny et al., 2004). However, when many particles are considered, this approach is not easily extendable . The method of choice of most authors to simulate many particles is the immersed boundary method (Mittal and Iaccarino, 2005), and typically in a triply periodic configuration. Instead, in this talk we present the settling of spherical particles in an inflow/outflow vertical configuration. The main challenge of these simulations is keeping the particles inside the computational domain for large time intervals, which we are able to overcome based mostly on previous experience with free falling bodies.