P arametrically forced stably stratified flow

  • Lopez, Juan (ASU)

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The dynamics of a stably and thermally stratified fluid-filled cavity harmonically forced in the vertical direction, resulting in a periodic gravity modulation, is studied numerically. Prior simulations in a two-dimensional cavity showed a myriad of complex dynamic behaviours near the onset of instabilities, and here we address the extent to which these persist in three dimensions. Focusing on a parameter regime where the primary subharmonic mode is resonantly driven, we demonstrate comprehensive qualitative agreement between the dynamics in two and three dimensions; the quantitative difference is due to the larger forcing amplitudes needed in three dimensions to overcome the additional viscous damping from the spanwise walls. Using a small detuning of the forcing frequency, together with a relatively large forcing amplitude, leads to a wave-breaking regime where the qualitative agreement between two and three dimensions breaks down.