Challenges in Modeling Inkjet Printing: Physical and Numerical Aspects

  • Hashemi, Alireza (CIMNE)
  • Ryzhakov, Pavel (UPC, CIMNE)
  • Hashemi, Mohammad Reza (UPC, CIMNE)
  • Rossi, Riccardo (UPC, CIMNE)
  • Dialami, Narges (UPC, CIMNE)
  • Zorrilla, Ruben (UPC, CIMNE)

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Inkjet printing modeling requires a multi-scale approach that not only considers the integrity and consistency of the system as a whole, but also realistically models the effective physical phenomena in each sub-process and implements them in numerical calculations. Moreover, numerical difficulties such as interface capturing can be overcome using recently improved techniques. Furthermore, machine learning approaches also provide effective facilities for optimizing inkjet systems. In the present work, we review critical challenges faced when modeling inkjet printing and outline possible strategies for designing a robust and efficient numerical model.