Two-way fluid-structure interaction for the study of advanced turbine control systems

  • Santoni, Christian (Stony Brook University)
  • Yang, Xiaolei (Chinese Academy of Science)
  • Seiler, Peter (University of Michigan)
  • Sotiropoulos, Fotis (Virginia Commonwealth University)
  • Khosronejad, Ali (Stony Brook University)

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A large-eddy simulations (LES) framework that enables control co-design of wind turbines has been developed. The framework couples our in-house Navier-Stokes equation solver with the actuator surface model, advanced turbine control system, and a blade aeroelasticity model for the high-fidelity simulations of wind turbines. The baseline collective (CPC) and individual pitch control (IPC) algorithms are incorporated into the simulation framework. Simulations are carried out to investigate the impact of collective and individual pitch control strategies on the deflection of turbine blades. The results show that the IPC reduces the blade tip deflection fluctuations in the out-of-plane direction, while the fluctuations of the blade tip deflection along the in-plane direction are barely affected by the IPC.