Analytical solutions for vanadium membraneless micro redox flow batteries operating under different current regimes

  • de las Heras, Miguel (Micro Electrochemical Technologies S.L.)
  • Ibáñez, Santiago Enrique (Repsol)
  • Vera, Marcos (UC3M)
  • Quintero, Alberto Emanuel (Micro Electrochemical Technologies S.L.)

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Redox flow batteries are a promising storage technology to tackle the intermittency of renewable sources. Vanadium micro redox flow batteries could potentially save costs by removing expensive membranes through the use of laminar flows at the micro scale to prevent turbulent mixing and mitigate diffusive mixing which is ultimately responsible for self discharge and inefficiency. A simple ODE model for this system is obtained under symmetric conditions and analytical solutions are derived for different models of the electric current in terms of relevant non-dimensional groups that provide great insight into the best possible performance values and overall system characteristics.